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Our SunTech aluminium formwork system is specially designed by using both standard and non-standard size panels to construct reinforced concrete buildings of residential, commercial or industrial. The systems is quite simply putting together these fabricated panels to form a mold for casting in-situ concrete wall, slab, beam, corridor, terrace and staircase for full typical floors of the building. After setting of the concrete within 24 hours, the set of panels are removed for the repetitive use for the next floor thereby achieving a short construction period and a high quality concrete structure.

Major property developers, architects and general contractors have, by now, recognised the substantial savings of aluminium forms over wood forms that have been used for decades in labour, material and time costs as well as the impact on construction waste and environmental protection.

Advantages of SunTech aluminium formwork system

  1. Speed: Repetitive erection and striking of panels will greatly increase the efficiency of even non-skill workers thereby ensuring the target or even an earlier completion of the concrete building structure.
  2. Quality: Precision in fabricated formwork panels will ensure the dimensions of cast concrete are exact to architectˇ¦s design. Simultaneous concreting of wall and floor slabs gives no weak joints. Doors and windows are cast in exact position to allow frames to be directly installed requiring minimal re-sizing The smooth surface of concrete wall requires little or no plastering before tiling or painting.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: Light weight formwork panels weighing 25kg/m2 require no heavy lifting equipment such as tower cranes or hoists. Less skill workers, accurate dimensions, short construction cycle, resalable or reusable value of panels are the many contributing factors, directly or indirectly, to effective cost savings.
  4. Environment Friendliness: Aluminium panels are durable and are warranted for over 250 reuses after which they can be scrapped with resale value at market price or recycled for making other non-structural products. Most importantly, the use of aluminium will eliminate the threat of deforestation which contributes to the global warming.

In conclusion, SunTech aluminium forms may cost about 3 times more than wood forms at the outset but it can well be balanced off by the above distinct advantages and render it more economical in the end.

Fabrication Factory
Our partner fabrication factory in Dongguan is the forerunner of aluminium formwork in Hong Kong back in 2000 having participated in the fabrication and supply of some 10,000 sq.m. of aluminium formwork to Henderson Land for their residential tower project in Tai Kok Tsui viz. Metro Harbour View. After more than a decade of growth and improvements, it has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to cater for the building and construction industry. Besides aluminium formwork, this factory is also specialized in aluminium cladding and coating with fluorocarbon PVDF and polyester powder coat for curtain wall, window and door systems for the construction of high rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In actuality, fabrication of aluminium formwork panels is no big different than that of cladding panels by way of cutting, bending, welding and punching.

The factory has, among other production facilities, two fabrication plants: a sheet metal fabrication factory of 20,000m2 and a curtain wall and window wall fabrication factory of 40,000m2 fully equipped with digitally-controlled precision machinery including CNC hydraulic guillotine shears, turret punch presses, press brakes, rolling machines, angle notching machines, welding machines, double head mitre saws which are, in every which way, considered excessively adequate for the fabrication of aluminium formwork panels.

It is most encouraging for the aluminium formwork fabrication industry that in recent years, many large construction companies are more receptive to aluminium forms having experienced the cost benefits gained from speed of construction, quality of concrete surface and in all, the accuracy of the entire concrete structure. There is still another non-financially related factor which is of utmost importance for mankind: the contribution to environmental protection.


Trial Erection of Typical Staircase